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Building from Source

If you prefer to download and build the solver yourself, the Fault compiler is just a Go binary and can easily built to run on multiple platforms.

Download Fault

You can download Fault from GitHub directly or clone the repo via git

git clone

Configuring the Solver

The solver is configured via environmental variables. Without these values, Fault will default to generating SMT of the model only. The following will configure Fault to use Z3 as its solver (the default)

export SOLVERCMD="z3"
export SOLVERARG="-in"

SOLVERCMD is the command for the solver. SOLVERARG is whatever argument the the solver takes to read SMT from Stdin.


You can either run Fault directly from its directory

go run main.go -f=[path to file]

Or you can build it and move the binary into /usr/local/bin or an equivilant.